Seeding Options

Seeding Options

There are many different methods for planting a lawn with grass seed. Seed germination rates depend on the “seed to soil” contact. Good seed to soil contact is created when the soil is in direct contact to the surface of the grass seeds.

Four grass seed planting requirements we follow at GoldenRule:

  1. The most import step is that grass seed needs to be in the soil, not just layed on the surface.
  2. Proper moisture and fertile soil are vital. The ground should be kept moist, but not soaked.
  3. Temperature plays a key role in grass seed germination. Optimal conditions are April – June and September – October. Included in this requirement is direct sunlight.
  4. Proper grass seed type for your lawn is also important.  

GoldenRule’s Methods of Seeding:

Seeding paired with Core Aeration

Seeding & Core Aeration

Typically this should be done every fall or spring. This method is not meant to start a completely new lawn, but rather help promote and maintain a healthy lawn. Seeds that get into the aeration holes will germinate. A two pass aeration should be performed to insure higher germination rates. (applied 5-8 lbs per 1000 sq ft)

Slit Seeding

Slit Seeding

Slit seeding is a method where seed is inserted into the lawn using a machine. This gives the seed optimal seed to soil contact, and also better protects the seed from runoff and animals. (applied 10-15 lbs per 1000 sq ft)

Seeding with topdressing/sand

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Lawn should be properly thatched and aerated prior to topdressing and seeding. With topdressing application it is important to use weed free dirt so weeds that will eventually be evasive to your lawn are not brought in. Seed is raked into the topdressing, and then rolled to compact seed for optimal germination.