Lawn Top Dressing

Lawn Top Dressing

Top dressing is the application of a soil and compost mixture to the surface of a lawn to improve soil conditions and lawn health. This is accomplished by running a top dressing machine over the lawn to apply the needed thin layer of this material to the lawn.


Types of Top Dressings:

  1. Compost 100% – applied to lawns with nutrient deficiencies
  2. Compost/Sand Mix – applied to help both nutrients and drainage
  3. Sand – applied to improve drainage and texture of lawn, and prevent moss and unwanted plants


Benefits of Top Dressings:

  1. Increasing Microbial Activity: Microorganisms exist in good soils and help with nutrient uptake, making nutrients more available to the grass plants.
  2. Improving Lawn Color: Due to organic matter in the top dressing mixture, lawns green-up following top dressing as these materials add nitrogen to the lawn. With sand top dressing, we fertilize to supplement nutrients.
  3. Enhancing Seed Germination: When top dressing follows core aeration and over-seeding, germination rate is greatly enhanced.

Top Dressing After Seeding Lawn